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<BR>Central Distribution, Febrile / Ill:
<BR> - 
Viral Exanthem 
<BR> - 
Lyme Disease (erythema migrans) 

<BR>Central Distribution, Algorithm for Diagnosis of the Petechial / Purpuric Rash
Febrile/Toxic, Palpable: 
<BR> - Meningococcaemia 
Disseminated Gonococcal Infection Algorithm for Diagnosis of the Vesiculobullous Rash
Febrile, Diffuse Distribution:
<BR> - Varicella,  
Gonococcal, Algorithm for Evaluating Skin Lesions
#Skin #Lesions #Algorithm #Dermatology #Diagnosis #Differential Global Alliance algorithm to improve outcomes in acne.
<BR>†With small nodules (>0.5–1 cm).
<BR>‡Consider physical removal of comedones.
<BR>§Second Acne treatment algorithm suggested by Gollnick et al - Mild Moderate and Severe Acne<BR>
#Management #Dermatology #PrimaryCare AAFP Severity-based approach to treating acne.
#Management #Dermatology #PrimaryCare #Acne #Algorithm #Treatment Vesiculobullous Rashes - THE ALGORITHMIC APPROACH <BR>
Vesiculobullous rashes provoke significant angst
in many physicians (Figure 5, page Petechial/Purpuric Rashes- THE ALGORITHMIC APPROACH 
These rashes can be especially challenging and are
associated with devastating differential Maculopapular Rashes - THE ALGORITHMIC APPROACH 
The term maculopapule is a portmanteau, a combination
of macule and