Neurology Physical Exam Findings and Video Clips
A collection of important physical exam findings and signs in the neurological exam.  Use these video clips at the bedside to teach medical trainees important aspects of the physical exam.

#Chorea+PhysicalExam - Chorea
#Clonus+PhysicalExam - Clonus
#HINTS+PhysicalExam - HINTS Exam for Diagnosing Posterior Circulation Stroke
#Meningitis+PhysicalExam - Meningitis
#Nystagmus+PhysicalExam - Nystagmus
#Parkinsons+PhysicalExam - Parkinsons Disease
#Primitive+Reflex+PhysicalExam - Primitive Reflexes (Moro, Galant, Landau, etc)
#Pyramidal+Reflex+PhysicalExam - Pyramidal Reflexes (Babinski, etc)
#Reflex+PhysicalExam - Reflexes

tremor meningitis reflex hints death gait clonus asterixis primitive nystagmus tardive chorea pyramidal fasciculation