Physical Exam Library
At GrepMed we have curated the largest online searchable library of physical exam video clips.  These short video clips can be used by medical educators at the bedside to help bring back the lost art of bedside physical diagnosis.  If you have a rare bedside physical exam clip- please consider sharing with us!

Physical Exam Signs by Specialty:
#Cardiology+PhysicalExam - Cardiology 
#Dermatology+PhysicalExam - Dermatology
#Endocrinology+PhysicalExam - Endocrinology
#MSK+PhysicalExam - Sports Medicine / Orthopedics
#Neurology+PhysicalExam - Neurology
#Newborn+PhysicalExam - Newborn
#Ophthalmology+PhysicalExam - Ophthalmology
#Pediatrics+PhysicalExam - Pediatrics

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