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Predisposing Conditions and Microbial Isolates in Patients with Brain Abscess.
#Brain #Abscess #Pathogens #Diagnosis #Differential #Causes #NEJM Laryngocele- ...On physical examination, he had nontender, compressible swelling in the left cervical region that transmitted Amebic Liver Abscess- ...Computed tomography of the abdomen performed after the administration of contrast material revealed Radial Fracture Due to Parathyroid Carcinoma- ...A plain radiograph of the left arm showed a diaphyseal Bilateral Vestibular Schwannomas in Neurofibromatosis Type 2- ...Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain performed after the Mycoplasma pneumoniae–Associated Mucositis- ...severe mucositis developed that involved the lips, buccal mucosa (Panel A), conjunctivae, and Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection- Ultrasonographic images showed ventricular dilatation in the fetal brain, and T2-weighted magnetic resonance Brittle nails and hair loss in hypothyroidism- ...Physical examination revealed dry skin, thickened and brittle nails Woltman's sign of hypothyroidism- ...At the time of presentation, a physical examination was notable for the Tuberculosis of the Finger- ...Physical examination of the affected finger revealed soft-tissue swelling, with erythema and