Post-Transplant Diarrhea - Diagnosis and Management ...

Post-Transplant Diarrhea - Diagnosis and Management Algorithm

Post-transplant diarrhea (≥ 3 loose or liquid stools per day)

 • Malabsorption workup in case of chronic diarrhea

 • Stop non immunosuppressive drugs associated with diarrhea

 • First-line microbiological stool Investigations (#) ± Plasma CMV PCR

Adaptation of IS drug regimen

 • MMF dose reduction or switch to EC-MPS or switch to Aza if MPA dose < 50% doses recommended (Norovirus++)

 • Tacrolimus dose reduction (5-8 ng/mL) or switch to cyclosporine

 • mTORi withdrawal, switch to CNI

 • CNI withdrawal, switch to mTORi

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