Venous Excess Ultrasound (VExUS) - Fluid Overload and ...

Venous Excess Ultrasound (VExUS) - Fluid Overload and Venous Congestion Assessment

Step 1: IVC Diameter: If >2cm, proceed to step 2

Step 2: Hepatic Vein Doppler

Step 3: Portal Vein Doppler

Step 4: Renal Vein Doppler


Grade 0 (no congestion): IVC < 2cm

Grade 1 (Mild congestion): IVC >2cm and any combo of Normal or Mildly Abnl Patterns

Grade 2 (Moderate congestion): IVC >2cm and ONE Severely Abnl Pattern

Grade 3 (Severe congestion): IVC >2cm and > 2 Severely Abnl Patterns

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