Ophthalmology - Anatomy and Common Abbreviations
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Ophthalmology - Anatomy and Common Abbreviations

APD Afferent pupillary defect

AT Artificial tears

cc/sc With/without refractive corr.

CE Cataract extraction

CF Count fingers (VA)

CWS Cotton wool spot

DES Dry eye syndrome

EOM Extraocular movement

HM Hand motion (VA)

IOL Intraocular lens

IOP Intraocular pressure

LP Light perception (VA)

MGD Meibomian gland dysfunction

NLP No light perception (VA)

NPDR Non-prolif. diabetic retinopathy

NS Nuclear sclerosis (i.e. cataract)

OD/OS Right eye, left eye

OU Both eyes

PDR Prolif. diabetic retinopathy

PF Pred Forte gtt (prednisolone)

PFAT Preservative-free artificial tears

PVD Posterior vitreous detachment

RD Retinal detachment

SLE Slit lamp exam

SPK Superficial punctate keratitis/dry eye

VA, VF Visual acuity, fields

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