Typical Therapeutic Applications of Penicillin G
Pneumococcal ...

Typical Therapeutic Applications of Penicillin G

Pneumococcal Pneumonia

 • Streptococcus pneumoniae is a major cause of bacterial pneumonia in all age groups. 

 • Infection often occurs in an institutional setting in individuals who are ill from other causes.

 • Resistance to penicillin G has greatly increased worldwide due to mutations in one or more of the bacterial penicillin-binding proteins.


 • Silver nitrate drops in the eyes prevent gonococcal ophthalmia in newborns.

 • Penicillinase-producing strains are treated using ceftriaxone, with azithromycin or spectinomycin as a backup.


 • A contagious venereal disease that progressively affects many tissues.

 • A single treatment with penicillin is curative for primary and secondary syphilis. No antibiotic resistance has been reported.

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