Diaphragm Excursion With Thoracic POCUS

Non-invasive detection of diaphragm dysfunction at the bedside using POCUS: Normal herni-diaphragm vs Paralyzed hemi-diaphragm

Phased array / curvilinear probe placed in mid-axillary plane at level of the diaphragm. Normal diaphragm approx >2.5 cm of caudal excursion (by M-mode) in supine position. A paralyzed hemi-diaphragm will paradoxically move upwards (cranially), qiven movement of intercostal

muscles / drop in intrathoracic pressure. This not assess thickening. Clinical parameters including supine and upright vital capacity (>50% reduction supine for B/L paralysis) and NIF are vital to correlate.

- Alberta Sono @UAlberta_Sono

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Dr. Gerald Diaz
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