Distinguishing Between Paralytic vs Mechanical Ileus
Paralytic Ileus
 - Medical history: Frequent ulcer or gallstone pains or other abdominal complaints, appendicitis, extrauterine gravidity
 - Onset: Sudden (perforation) or gradual (laparotomy) depending on the underlying disease
 - Pain: May not be present depending on underlying disease
 - Meteorism: Diffuse, very obvious
 - Peristalsis: None (complete stasis)
 - General condition: Highly affected, frequent shock
Mechanical Ileus
 - Medical history: History of carcinoma, gallstones, hernias, previous laparotomy
 - Onset: Always gradual
 - Pain: Generally colicky
 - Meteorism: Reversal
 - Peristalsis: Increased, intestinal stasis
 - General condition: Slightly affected, no shock

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