Schistosoma Life Cycle - Schistosomiasis
1) Eggs shed ...

Schistosoma Life Cycle - Schistosomiasis

1) Eggs shed from infected human: in feces, in urine

2) Eggs hatch and release miracidia

3) Miracidia penetrate snail tissue

4) Sporocysts develop in snail (successive generations)

5) Free-swimming cercariae released from snail into water

6) Cercariae penetrate skin

7) Cercariae lose tails during penetration and become schistosomulae

8) Circulation

9) Migration to portal blood in liver and maturation into adults

10) Paired adult worms migrate to: Mesenteric venules of bowel/rectum (laying eggs that circulate to the liver and shed in stools), Venous plexus of bladder; eggs shed in urine

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