Amyloidosis Diagnosis
1) Patient presentation
 • Cardiac-specific ...

Amyloidosis Diagnosis
1) Patient presentation
 • Cardiac-specific signs of amyloidosis: Diastolic heart failure, Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction, Infiltrative cardiomyopathy
 • Noncardiac signs of amyloidosis: Nondiabetic proteinuria, Nondiabetic neuropathy, Hepatomegaly and diarrhea, Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) neuropathy, atypical MGUS, or smoldering myeloma
2) Methods of amyloid detection
 • For cardiac-specific signs: technetium pyrophosphate (PYP) or methylene diphosphonate (DPD) scan - Scan results graded from 0 to 3 based on comparison of radionucleotide uptake between ribs/sternum and heart
 • For noncardiac signs: monoclonal immunoglobulin (Ig) screen with serum and urine immunofixation: Presence of monoclonal protein, Abnormal lg free light chain levels
3) Amyloid Detection Results

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