Safe Living After Transplant - Water Safety
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Safe Living After Transplant - Water Safety


• If incurred during swimming in ocean or fresh water, clean thoroughly with an uncontaminated water source

Recreational Activities:

• Avoid swimming in water that could have human/animal waste (e.g. rivers, lakes & public pools)

• Avoid swallowing water during recreational activities

Wells - AVOID well water!  If you must use well water:

 • Boil the water

 • Test yearly for microbial contamination.

 • Use bottled water to drink & brush teeth

Standing Water (e.g. basement of a home after flood):

 • Clean any standing water & wear waterproof boots, gloves & a mask during the cleaning process

 • If able, someone other than the transplant recipient should do the cleaning

By Dr. Hawra Al-Lawati @hawraallawati and Dr. Sara Dong @swinndong via Febrile @febrilepodcast

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