Safe Living After Transplant: Animal & Pet Safety

Safe Living After Transplant: Animal & Pet Safety

 • Wait to acquire new pets until after immunosuppressive regimens have stabilized (6-12 months post-transplant without recent suppression for graft rejection)

 • Take the pet regularly to the veterinarian for checkups

 • If a live attenuated vaccine for B.bronchiseptica (kennel cough) is given, advisable to not have the transplant recipient hold dog during vaccination to avoid direct contact with vaccine

 • Ideally, the recipient would avoid cleaning bird cages, bird feeders, litter boxes, handling animal feces, aquariums. If that's not possible, the recipient should use gloves & a mask when cleaning

 • Cat litter boxes should be cleaned every day 

 • Avoid feeding cat raw or undercooked meat to decrease risk of shedding infectious organisms in stool

By Dr. Hawra Al-Lawati @hawraallawati via Febrile @febrilepodcast

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