Lightning Strike Electrical Injury

Types of Lightning Strikes: Direct, Side Splash, Contact injury, Ground current

ELECTRICAL INJURIES: Primary determination of injury extent = amount of CURRENT flowing through body.

VARIABLES: voltage, amperage, resistance, type of current (AC/DC), duration, pathway.


1. Low-Voltage <1000V

2. High-Voltage >1000V - typically seen in industrial settings or  power line injuries.Associated with electrical burns

3. Lightning Strike

4. Electric Arc- associated with high voltage source

5. Blast force may result in trauma.

DC- direct current (lightening)

AC- alternating (household)


1. CARDIAC: asytole or Vfib prehospital. At presentation, most common is Afib.

2. VASC: necrosis, coagulation, compartment syndrome

3. CNS- stroke, seizure, syncope

4. ORTHO-  fracture/dislocate

5. OCULAR-  cataracts (later on)

6. GI

7. DERM - various burns

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