Figure 3 HRCT-LUS correlation in normal lung, pulmonary ...

Figure 3 HRCT-LUS correlation in normal lung, pulmonary congestion, rheumatoid lung disease, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

Notes: (A) Normal lung transparency; (B) A-lines (arrow head) reverberation artifacts from normal interlobular septa; (C) heart failure with extensive ground glass opacities; (D) “white lung” due to alveolar syndrome with multiple long, vertical hyperechoic B-line artifacts (thin arrow) arising from a smooth pleura line (yellow arrow); (E) NSIP fibrotic lung with extensive ground glass opacities and traction bronchiectasis due to pulmonary volume loss; (F) >10 B-lines in one IC with thickened, fragmented pleura line (red arrow) in a fibrotic alveolar syndrome (thin arrow shows B-line artifact); (G) UIP pattern with subpleural, basal reticular abnormalities, traction bronchiectasis, and honeycombing; (H) B-lines with irregular thick pleura line (thin arrows show B-line artifacts).

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