Pancreatitis management checklist 
Evaluation to guide ...

Pancreatitis management checklist 
Evaluation to guide etiology & management 
 - RUQ ultrasound 
 - Calcium level 
 - Triglyceride level 
 - Liver function test panel 
 - Review of medication list for potentially causative drugs 
 - Use same strategy as for septic shock (e.g. moderate amount fluid, vasopressors if 

 - Avoid large-volume resuscitation (e.g. fluid balance >3-4 liters positive) as this may 

increase the risk of abdominal compartment syndrome. 
 - Not routinely indicated, but may be considered if evidence of ascending cholangitis or 

choledolithiasis (e.g., markedly elevated bilirubin, dilation of the common bile duct). 
 - Non-intubated: Low-fat diet 
 - Intubated: Initiate enteral nutrition as soon as hemodynamically stabilized (via either 

nasogastric or postpyloric feeding tube). 
Pain control 
 - Start with scheduled acetaminophen 1 gram Q6hr) and pain-dose ketamine infusion 

(0.1-0.3 mg/kg/hr). 
 - Opioids may worsen ileus, limit them as able. 
May consider metabolic resuscitation 
 - Ascorbic acid I .5g IV q6hr, thiamine 200 mg IV ql 2hr, +/- hydrocortisone 50 mg IV q6hr 

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