Narrow-Complex PEA

Point of care ultrasound (POCUS) can quickly aid in identification of mechanical causes of PEA. A collapsed right ventricle suggests an inflow obstruction (i.e tamponade, pneumothorax, or hyperinflation) whereas a dilated right ventricle indicates outflow obstruction (i.e. Pulmonary emobolism).

Most Common Causes:

-Cardiac Tamponade
-Tension Pneumothorax
-Mechanical Hyperinflation
-Pulmonary Embolism


-Aggressive intravenous fluid administration
-Cardiac Tamponade –> Pericardiocentesis
-Tension Pneumothorax –> Needle decompression
-Mechanical Hyperinflation –> Adjust ventilator
-Pulmonary Embolism –> Thrombolytic therapy
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