Highlighted Conditions With Arteritis or Periarteritis ...

Highlighted Conditions With Arteritis or Periarteritis of the Coronaries

Takayasu's arteritis:

 - Onset < 40 yrs

 - Limb claudication

 - Arterial bruit

 - Asymmetric pulse/BP

Giant cell arteritis:

 - Onset 50 yrs

 - Cranial symptoms (Headache, jaw claudication, double vision, vision loss)

Polyarteritis nodosa:

 - Skin nodules, livedo

 - Abdominal pain

 - Testicular pain (men)

 - Mononeuritis multiplex

ANCA vasculitis:

 - Recurrent sinusitis

 - pulmonary nodules

 - Hemoptysis

 - Glomerulonephritis

 - Leukocytoclastic vasculitis

Behcet's disease:

 - Oral and genital Sores

 - Ulceration GI tract

 - Ocular inflammation

 - Venous/arterial thrombosis

IgG4-related disease:

 - Lymphadenopathy

 - Salivary/Lacrimal swelling

 - Orbital pseudotumor

 - Retroperitoneal fibrosis

 - Autoimmune pancreatitis

Erdheim-Chester disease:

 - Bone pain (osteosclerosis)

 - Right atrial pseudotumor

 - Exophthalmos

 - Perirenal fibrosis

 - Xanthelasma

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