SGLT2 Inhibitors and Euglycemic DKA

Risk factors ...

SGLT2 Inhibitors and Euglycemic DKA

Risk factors for euglycemic DKA in those on an SGLT2i include:

 • Increased insulin requirement (illnesses and surgery)

 • Insulin deficiency

 • Severe dehydration

 • Decreased carbohydrate intake

 • Excessive alcohol consumption

Diagnostic criteria include:

 • Serum pH ≤ 7.3

 • Serum bicarbonate ≤ 15

 • Anion gap > 12

 • Ketones in serum or urine

Treatment involves early recognition along with the following:

 • Correction of dehydration

 • Correction of electrolyte abnormalities, specifically hyper/hypoK

 • Consideration of insulin therapy in severe cases

 • Maintenance of a glucose of 12-15 mmol until the anion gap is closed

 • SGLT2 inhibitor should be held immediately

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