This is a suprasternal notch view demonstrating an ...

This is a suprasternal notch view demonstrating an aortic flap in a patient with a Stanford Type B thoracic aortic dissection. This 40ish year old was a truck driver with untreated hypertensive with sudden onset interscapular pain that migrated to his lumbar area.  He stopped, lost strength in his right leg and was transported to our ED. The POCUS allowed the CV surgeon to prepare while the confirmatory CTA and standard treatment were performed. Suprasternal notch imaging with the linear or fine parts probe in a patient with suspicious signs/symptoms allows for a more rapid diagnosis of thoracic aortic dissection. John E. Hipskind, MD, FACEP Clerkship Director, ED, Kaweah Delta Hospital #Clinical #POCUS #CardiacUS #SuprasternalNotch #AorticFlap #Aorta #TypeB  #AorticDissection
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