Extreme Patellofemoral Joint Instability (PFJI)

In this video you can see an extreme rare case of bilateral PFJI 

PFJI covers a broad spectrum of abnormalities ranging from frank acute patellar dislocations to subtle maltracking.  The etiology of PFJI is multifactorial as it involves several abnormal anatomical factors such as 1️⃣generalized hypermobility (24%) .

2️⃣patella hypermobility (51%)

3️⃣increased femoral anteversion (27%), .

4️⃣core, and hip abductor weakness

5️⃣abnormal knee rotation

6️⃣trochlea dysplasia (53–71%), .

7️⃣abnormal Q angle, .

8️⃣muscle and soft tissue imbalance, .

9️⃣external tibial torsion

🔟foot hyperpronation

These factors have been identified in patients with recurrent patella dislocation. .

Panagiotis Arsenis @rarephysio

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