Modeled Effects of Social Distancing - COVID-19 - King ...

Modeled Effects of Social Distancing - COVID-19 - King and Snohomish counties

Scenarios for the possible cumulative burden of COVID-19 infection in King and

Snohomish counties. Based on data from China and other countries, deaths occur in

approximately 1 percent of the infected population (averaged across all ages) with an average

three week delay relative to infection.

Results as of March 10, 2020 at 4:00 pm.

Working paper – model-based estimates of COVID-19 burden in King and Snohomish counties through April 7, 2020

Dan Klein, Brittany Hagedorn, Cliff Kerr, Hao Hu, Trevor Bedford, Mike Famulare

Institute for Disease Modeling; Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; 

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research

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