Remdesivir (GS-5734) - manufactured by Gilead Sciences
Remdesivir ...

Remdesivir (GS-5734) - manufactured by Gilead Sciences

Remdesivir blocks the replication of viruses by inserting into the viral genome as it is being copied.

1. Coronavirus enters the infected cell.

2. The cell reads viral RNA and produces RdRP protein.

3. The RdRP protein creates new copies of the viral RNA (zoomed in below).

4. RdRP, a polymerase, produces new viral genomes by base-pairing with the template RNA. Cytidine (C) pairs with guanosine (G) and uridine (U) pairs with adenosine (A).

5. If remdesivir (R) takes the place of adenosine, remdesivir blocks RdRP in a chain termination event, which can stop the replication of the virus.

6.  Importantly, while coronaviruses have an exonuclease (viral eraser) that can usually correct these mistakes, it does not seem to work against remdesivir.

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