VT versus SVT with Aberration - Interpretation Cheat ...

VT versus SVT with Aberration - Interpretation Cheat Sheet

Features favouring VT

● Absence of typical RBBB or LBBB morphology

● AV dissociation (P and QRS complexes occur independantly of each other)

● Presence of captured beats (normal sinus beat that is captured between a VT run) and fusion beats (hybrid complex of normal sinus beat and a ventricular beat colision)

● Positive or negative concordance in all precordial leads, i.e. leads V1-6 show entirely positive (R) or entirely negative (QS) complexes.

Brugada algorithm

1. Positive or negative concordance

2. Onset of R to nadir (lowest point) of S > 100 ms in any V lead

3. AV dissociation

4. Morphology criteria: both V1,V6 suggest VT

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