Causes of Metabolic Alkalosis - Differential Diagnosis ...

Causes of Metabolic Alkalosis - Differential Diagnosis Algorithm

GI Losses - Gastric

 • Vomiting

 • NG suction

GI Losses - Lower

• Villous adenoma

• Laxative abuse

• Chloridorrhea

Renal Losses - Non-reabsorbed anions

• Penicillins

Renal Losses - Impaired tubular transport

• Diuretics (loop/thiazide)

• Hypomagnesemia

• Barrter's/Gitelman's

High Renin, High Aldosterone

 • Malignant Hypertension

 • Renovascular Hypertension

 • Renin-Secreting Tumor

Low Renin, High Aldosterone

 • Aldosterone-secreting mass

 • Adrenal hyperplasia

 • Glucocorticoid remediable aldosteronism

Low Renin, Low Aldosterone

 • Licorice

 • Liddle's Syndrome

 • Enzyme deficiency

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