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Defibrillation, Cardioversion, Pacing Instructions - Zoll R Series Guide

Defibrillation - Indications: Pulseless VT or VF

1. Turn the Selector Switch to ON. Then press Manual (bottom left softkey) to change to ALS.

2. The default energy selection is 120 J. You can use Energy Select (UP) and (DOWN) arrow keys to increase the energy.

3. If there is a shockable rhythm on the pulse/rhythm check, press Charge. Continue CPR while charging.

4. Once charged, the red shock button illuminates. Shout “Clear!” then press and hold the illuminated Shock button at the top right of the console.

5. Resume CPR for 2 minutes before the next pulse/rhythm check.

Cardioversion - Indications: Unstable SVT or VT

1. Turn the Selector Switch to ON. Then press Manual (bottom left softkey) to change to ALS.

2. Select the desired energy using the up and down arrow keys on the front panel.

    • Narrow, regular: 50-100 J (atrial flutter often converts with 50 J)

    • Narrow, irregular: 120-200 J (atrial fibrillation typically requires 150 J)

    • Wide, regular: 100 J

    • Wide, irregular: 150-200 J (defibrillation dose)

3. Press the Sync On/Off button

    • Confirm that a Sync marker (down-arrow) appears on the monitor above each detected R-wave to indicate where discharge will occur

    • If necessary, use the LEAD and SIZE buttons to establish settings that yield the best display

4. Press the CHARGE button on the front panel.

5. Press and hold the illuminated SHOCK button on the front panel. The defibrillator will discharge with the next detected R wave.

6. If additional shocks are necessary, increase the energy level as needed.

Pacing - Indications: Unstable bradycardia

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