Causes of COVIDー19 ICU delirium
Restricted Visitation

Causes of COVIDー19 ICU delirium

Restricted Visitation

 • Family Disconnected

 • Sense of Isolation

 • Disorientation

 • Lack of Awareness

 • Social Suffering

Limitations of Non-Pharmacological Interventions

 • Fewer Pain/Anxiety/DeIirium Assessments

 • Prolonged Immobility

Uncertainty about Global Pandemic

 • Anxiety

 • Depression

 • Increased Risk of PICS and PICS-F

Disruptions to Religious / Spiritual Services

 • Increased Fear/Anxiety

 • Hopelessness

Increased Healthcare Professional Workload

 • Emotional Burnout

 • Lack of Empathy

 • Patient-Caregiver Distrust

Evolving Neurocognitive Dysfunction

 • Inability to express emotional/smritual needs

 • Behavioral disturbances

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