Common Chemotherapy Cardiotoxicities 
 • Anthracyclines ...

Common Chemotherapy Cardiotoxicities 

 • Anthracyclines (doxorubicin): HF, LV dysfunction (5-23% pts), based on cumulative dosage

 • HER2 agents (trastuzumab): 2.1% risk in reducing LV function, resolves once stopped, TTE q3mo

 • TKI (esp with sunitinib): HF, cardiac dysfunction

 • Angiogenesis inhibitors (bevacizumab, lenalidomide): HTN, 3-fold ↑ in arterial TE events

 • Platinum-based (cisplatin): HTN, HL, CAD, thromboembolic, in advanced testicular disease

 • Microtubule inhibitors (paclitaxel): arrhythmias

 • Anti-metabolites (5-FU, cytarabine): MI, angina, CP, EKG changes, 1-8% pts, early onset

 • Immune checkpoint inhibitor (ICI): fulminant lymphocytic myocarditis, HF, cardiac arrest; onset variable, risk factor = combo therapy

 • Radiation: CAD (up to 85%), pericardial dz (6-30%), CM (up to 10%), valvular abnl, PVD, arrhythmias, autonomic dysfunction, can occur 10-15 yrs later, many risk factors incl dosage, metabolic RF

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