Superior Vena Cava Sydrome (SVC syndrome) - Diagnosis ...

Superior Vena Cava Sydrome (SVC syndrome) - Diagnosis and Management - Oncologic Emergencies

 • Etiology: External compression of SVC from a mediastinal mass (commonly lung CA or NHL) causing ↑upper body venous pressure

 • Symptoms: cerebral edema (HA, confusion, herniation), narrowing of larynx/pharynx (dyspnea, stridor, cough, dysphagia, hoarsness), head/neck swelling (visually striking, often not clinically significant), hemodynamic instability (↓ venous return)

 • Diagnosis: venography, CT chest w/contrast, obtain/ensure tissue diagnosis to guide tx (extremely important!)

 • Treatment: secure airway, RT/chemo, intravascular stent (emergent/refractory), steroids (stridor/resp distress only, clear with onc)

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