Retinoblastoma - MRI
 • Most common intra-ocular neoplasm ...

Retinoblastoma - MRI

 • Most common intra-ocular neoplasm in children.

 • Clinical Presentation: leukocoria (loss of red light reflex).

 • Epidemiology: most cases are diagnosed within the first 4 years of life.

 • Bilateral tumours (30-40%) almost always have a germline mutation.

 • Unilateral tumours (60-70%) are caused by a germline mutation in 15% of cases.

 • With germline mutations there is a risk of developing trilateral retinoblastoma, involving both globes and the pineal gland (pineoblastoma).

 • Metastases:

    - Direct spread into the orbit;

    - Leptomeningeal disease;

    - Haematogeneous metastases to bone, bone marrow and liver;

    - Rarely involvement of regional lymph nodes.

- Dr. Amar Chotai @DrAmarChotai

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