Oral histoplasmosis in a transplant patient
50 F Midwest ...

Oral histoplasmosis in a transplant patient

50 F Midwest hx liver transplant on prednisone MMF fever, sweats, diarrhea, oral ulcers x3 d, hx of cmv, no improvement w/ganciclovir. Diagnosis?

Oral histoplasmosis is rare & diagnosis is challenging. Involved sites include tongue, palate, oral mucosa, gingivae & pharynx. May occur as granular ulcerations, multiple painful ulcers & verrucous growth & mimic other infectious diseases or malignant tumors.

Confused w/squamous cell ca so important to send not just for histology but for histopath. Center of lesion contains macrophages & yeast but edge may not

Other differentials: CMV & HSV. CMV ulcers are generally chronic.

- Indiana University Infectious Diseases Fellowship @IUIDfellowship

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Dr. Gerald Diaz
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