Management of Urgent and Emergent Hyperthermia
Urgent ...

Management of Urgent and Emergent Hyperthermia

Urgent Hyperthermia (40-41ºC / 104-106ºF)

  Strip Spray Fan Ice

  1. Remove clothing

  2. Continuously spray tepid (slightly warm, not cold) water over skin. Do not use wet sheets/towels (prevents evaporation)

  3. Constant high velocity fanned air

  4. Apply ice packs diffusely about the body (not just at groin/axilla)

  Discontinue active cooling when temperature reaches 39ºC / 102ºF

Emergent Hyperthermia

  Immediate aggressive cooling is first priority-every minute patient is dangerously hyperthermic increases mortality

  Ice Water Submersion

  1. Multiple people fill large containers (e.g. patient belonging bag) with ice

  2. Remove any loose clothing

  3. Put patient in body bag on stretcher

  4. Rectal temperature probe

  5. Cover patient in ice+water slurry up to but not including anterior chest

  When core temperature reaches 39ºC / 102ºF take patient out of body bag and place onto dry stretcher, ideally onto warm towels, cover and continue to monitor

- Dr. Reuben Strayer @emupdates

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