Mental Status Examination
APPEARANCE/BEHAVIOR: grooming/hygiene, ...

Mental Status Examination

APPEARANCE/BEHAVIOR: grooming/hygiene, eye contact, attitude/cooperation, abnormal mvmt (fidgeting, tics, TD)

SPEECH/LANGUAGE: mechanics (rate, volume, prosody, articulation, fluent or not → if pt can place 5 words together = fluent); paucity of speech, mutism, echolalia (copying provider’s speech), verbigeration (repeating meaningless phrases)

THOUGHT PROCESS: presence of disorganization (including derailing/tangentiality); also note vague use of references (common in psychosis); thought blocking (pt appears unable to produce responses to questions)

MOOD/AFFECT: pt’s own description, observed affect, future views, self-attitude (worthlessness, grandiosity)

THOUGHT CONTENT/PERCEPTIONS: SI/HI, delusions, hallucinations, overvalued ideas, obsessions, poverty of content

COGNITION: level of consciousness, orientation, MOCA

INSIGHT/JUDGMENT: give examples (insight: patient recognizes sx as pathological/accepts dx; judgment: pt takes

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