Dosing of Common Antidepressants:
Adequate trial is ...

Dosing of Common Antidepressants:

Adequate trial is 6-12 wks at full dose; if poor tolerance/response after 4-6 wks, augment or class switch. 

 • Citalopram - start 20mg, titrate QD ↑ 20mg Qwk, max 20-40mg QD (40)

 • Escitalopram - start 10mg, titrate QD ↑ 10mg after ≥1wk, max 10-20mg QD (20)

 • Sertraline - start 50mg QD, titrate ↑25-50mg Qwk, max 50-200mg QD (200)

 • Fluoxetine - start 20mg QD, titrate ↑20mg Q3-4wk, max 20-80mg QD (80)

 • Paroxetine-IR - start 20mg Qam, titrate ↑10mg Q ≥1wk, max 20-50mg QD (50) 

 • Paroxetine-CR - start 25mg Qam, titrate ↑12.5mg Q≥1wk, max 25-50mg QD (62.5)

 • Duloxetine (SNRI) - start 40-60mg QD or divided BID; ≥60mg QD w/o additional benefit 

 • Venlafaxine (SNRI) - start 37.5 QD or in 2-3 divided doses; ↑75mg Q≥4d, 75-375mg daily or divided 

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