Monkeypox Skin Rash
30 yr F and her 6 yr daughter ...

Monkeypox Skin Rash

30 yr F and her 6 yr daughter purchased 2 prairie dogs 10 days ago (pers got sick & died w/in few days). Now pt & daughter w/ sore throat, malaise & vesiculopustular rash. Diagnosis?

Monkeypox associated with prairie dogs (imported from west Africa) resulting in US outbreak.

Monkeypox was first discovered in 1958 when 2 outbreaks of a pox-like dz in colonies of monkeys kept for research, hence named ‘monkeypox.’ 1st human case in 1970 in Democratic Republic of Congo during a period of intensified effort to eliminate smallpox.

Monkeypox viral zoonosis in tropical rainforest areas of Central & West Africa & occasionally exported to other regions. F, rash, lymphadenopathy. Transmission to people from rodents &primates, but human-to-human w/ lesions, body fluids, resp droplets, contaminated bedding.

Vaccinia vaccine used for smallpox eradication also protective against monkeypox. A new third generation vaccinia vaccine now approved for prevention of smallpox & monkeypox (85% effective in preventing monkeypox).

Incubation period 5-21d. Invasion period: 0-5d: F, HA, LN, back pain, myalgia & intense asthenia→Rash:1-3d post fever (concentrated on face (95%) & extremities >trunk. Palms/soles (75%). macules→papules→vesicles→pustules→crusts→fall off

- Indiana University Infectious Diseases Fellowship @IUIDfellowship

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