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Types of abdominal hernias
<BR> - 
Inguinal (70.7%)
<BR> - 
Umbilical (13.9%)
<BR> - 
Epigastric (6.6%)
<BR> - 
Incisional (4.7%)
<BR> Indications for Transfusion of Platelets in Neonates
#Management #Peds #Pediatrics #Platelets #Transfusion #Plateletpheresis #Thresholds #NonBleeding #Surgery Thresholds for Transfusion of Platelets in Adults
<BR>Major surgery or invasive procedure, no active bleeding - 
≤ Comparison of Resident and Faculty Perceptions of Burnout and Depression During Surgical Training 
Do resident and Restrictive versus Liberal Fluid Therapy for Major Abdominal Surgery - Visual Abstract by Jonny Wilkinson @Wilkinsonjonny
#EBM The Society of Thoracic Surgeons protocol poster for the resuscitation of patients who arrest after cardiac Management of Acute Cholangitis
#Management #Surgery #Cholangitis #Algorithm Emergency surgical decompression under tourniquet control showed a demarcation between perfused muscle fibers and ischemic, pale, Fournier’s Gangrene - Physical examination was notable for necrotic-appearing tissue in the scrotum and perineum, with Venous Congestion in Ischemic Bowel - During surgery, the jejunum and ileum were noted to be