About Grepmed

Grepmed is a community-sourced, searchable medical image repository for referencing clinically relevant medical images.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and image reference search can provide significant cognitive offloading to busy clinicians and educators who are inundated by swaths of text from the EMR and traditional reference solutions.

Grepmed will make diagnostic and management algorithms, guidelines, checklists, evidence summaries, clinical images (x-rays, rashes, ekgs, microscopy) and more accessible instantly from any web browser. Clinically relevant images will be upvoted by the community through “likes”. Images you find useful can be bookmarked for easy retrieval at a later date.

FOAM-Ed content creators will be able to share their infographic creations to a much wider audience. Bookmarking and search capabilities will make images previously relegated to the back of your phone’s camera roll much more likely to be rediscovered for teaching or personal use.

The more people use and contribute to the site, the more useful it will become.


Emergency Medicine examples
Internal Medicine examples

Search details

Search is currently based on keywords/hash-tags rather than natural language search. Eg you would search “Diagnosis Pneumonia” rather than “Diagnosis of Pneumonia”.

Certain hash-tags are reserved to allow the user to filter down search results for relevance as the library continues to increase in size.

Images are subsequently tagged by specialty (EM, IM, PCC, Path, Radiology, CTS, Cardiology, Peds, Obgyn, Gensurg, Neuro, Nephro, Ophth, etc)

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Consider being a contributor - create your image to upload or point to an image which is publicly available.

Public Beta Status

Grepmed is currently in active development and we are slowly introducing the service to a limited audience. Many features are in active development and we have prioritized the basic features for proof of concept.

We appreciate any feedback and will do our best to respond to all comments!


Grepmed and the images sourced through this website are NOT a substitute for clinical judgement. This website was made to assist in clinical knowledge recall and to supplement and support clinician judgement. Although these images are curated, as they are sourced from the community, there is no way to guarantee a consistent standard of accuracy and quality across the library of images. No significant clinical decisions should be made based on these images from this website without first consulting with a board-certified attending physician.