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Diffuse Sclerosis Variant—PTC 
<BR> - Rare variant of PTC 
<BR> - Approximately 3% ofall PTC 

<BR> Amiodarone induced thyroid changes
Histopath: Remarkably enlarged follicles, distended with colloid, without 
scalloping, and lined by flattened This macrofollicular thyroid tumor is so very bland... but so perfectly invasive! You can really never Sarcoid in the Thyroid - Pathology
Not all thyroid granulomas are subacute thyroiditis- this is sarcoidosis! Can Hobnail variant of PTC: micropapillary architecture, dense eosinophilic cytoplasm, hobnail cells with apical nuclei, and marked Suggested diagnostic and treatment approach for thyroid nodules. (TSH = thyroid-stimulating hormone.)
#Diagnosis #Management #Thyroid #Nodules #Algorithm A transverse still image of the upper airway using the high frequency, linear transducer at the Hypothyroidism – symptoms and signs.
Weight gain,
Cold intolerance, 
Poor memory,
Change in appearance, 
Poor libido, Hyperthyroid States - Comparison Table - Laboratory Findings via RebelEM @srrezaie
#Diagnosis #Endocrinology #Hyperthyroid #States #Comparison #Table