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Algorithm for the evaluation of macrocytic anemia. (RBC = red blood cell; MMA = methylmalonic acid.)<BR>
Physicians Algorithm for workup of thrombocytopenia based on observation of the peripheral blood film. 
<BR>TTP/HUS indicates thrombotic Our approach to the diagnosis and initial management of patients with suspected HIT. Our approach is Algorithm for diagnosis of familial thrombocytopenia. Platelet size, best determined by review of the peripheral smear, START is a rapid triage system for prioritizing disaster victims<BR>
Briefly, it is based around:
<BR>- Is the Buprenorphine Induction Algorithm
#Management #Pain #Withdrawal #Buprenorphine #Induction #Algorithm Angioedema - Diagnostic Algorithm
#Diagnosis #Allergy #Angioedema #Hereditary #Acquired #C1Inhibitor #Bradykinin #Algorithm Evaluation of suspected incomplete Kawasaki Disease

<BR>1. AHA consensus recommendations
<BR>2. Infants ≤6 months old on day ≥7 Evaluation of suspected incomplete Kawasaki disease. 
(1) In the absence of gold standard for diagnosis, this The SALT Mass Casualty Triage Approach
<BR> - SALT stands for “Sort, Assess, Lifesaving interventions, and Treatment Global Alliance algorithm to improve outcomes in acne.
<BR>†With small nodules (>0.5–1 cm).
<BR>‡Consider physical removal of comedones.
<BR>§Second Acne treatment algorithm suggested by Gollnick et al - Mild Moderate and Severe Acne<BR>
#Management #Dermatology #PrimaryCare AAFP Severity-based approach to treating acne.
#Management #Dermatology #PrimaryCare #Acne #Algorithm #Treatment Clinical treatment algorithm for acne. BPO = benzoyl peroxide, clinda = clindamycin, dashed line = optional Vesiculobullous Rashes - THE ALGORITHMIC APPROACH <BR>
Vesiculobullous rashes provoke significant angst
in many physicians (Figure 5, page Petechial/Purpuric Rashes- THE ALGORITHMIC APPROACH 
These rashes can be especially challenging and are
associated with devastating differential Maculopapular Rashes - THE ALGORITHMIC APPROACH 
The term maculopapule is a portmanteau, a combination
of macule and Erythematous Rashes - THE ALGORITHMIC APPROACH
Characterized by diffuse redness of the skin due to
capillary congestion, erythematous An Algorithm for the Application of Pelvic Binders in Trauma<BR>
#Management #Prehospital #Trauma #Pelvic #Binders #Algorithm #Indications The Pre-hospital Management of Pelvic Fractures - An Algorithm for the Application of Pelvic Binders in OPTIMA Treatment Algorithm for Secondary Hyperparathyroidism
<BR>When indicated, the dose of a vitamin D (vit D) sterol Hyperkalemia - Diagnostic Algorithm
#Diagnosis #Hyperkalemia #Algorithm #Differential Evaluation and Management of Hyperkalemia
As with hypokalemia, the immediate danger of hyperkalemia is its effect on Evaluation and Management of Hypokalemia
Hypokalemia is often asymptomatic. Evaluation begins with a search for warning signs Algorithm for the diagnostic evaluation of dizziness. (HINTS = head-impulse, nystagmus, test of skew.)<BR>
Questions regarding the Algorithm for diagnosing the cause of red eye.
#Diagnosis #Ophthalmology #Red #Eye #Algorithm #Differential Algorithm for diagnosing the cause of eye pain.
#Diagnosis #Ophthalmology #Eye #Ocular #Pain #Differential #Algorithm
Algorithm for the diagnosis of chronic diarrhea.<BR>
It is usually impractical to test and treat the many A diagnostic approach to secondary amenorrhea. (DHEA-S = dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate; FSH = follicle-stimulating hormone; LH = Diagnosis of Primary Amenorrhea<BR>
A diagnostic approach to primary amenorrhea. (FSH = follicle-stimulating hormone; LH = luteinizing