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Difficult Airway Assessment - LEMON Mnemonic
<BR> - Look Externally
<BR> - Evaluate
<BR> - Mallampati
<BR> - Obstruction or Modes of Mechanical Ventilation:<BR>
You now know many modes whether you realize it or not just by If your PIP and Plateau are both elevated then this indicates lung disease and decreased compliance Balloting the ETT cuff refers to exerting gentle bouncing pressure over the suprasternal notch while palpating Tailoring Vasopressors to a Patient's Physiology
Overall, norepinephrine, epinephrine, and vasopressin are all supported by evidence as Proposed analgesic ladder for critically ill patients
<BR>Above is one possible revision to the analgesic ladder. Approach to Cuff Leak Test and Laryngeal Edema<BR>
A new joint practice guideline by the ATS and Restrict the cuff leak test to high-risk patients<BR>
The absence of a cuff leak increases the likelihood Approach to using the perfusion scan in Brain Death Evaluation
Like any diagnostic test, a flow scan Overview of approach to brain death
Pursuing a diagnosis of brain death too early may lead to Another way to illustrate this is simply to list the factors which affect cvO2% (table below; Approach to ARDS - PseudoARDS
A diagnostic/therapeutic strategy for ARDS is suggested, based on the PROSEVA trial PROSEVA definition of ARDS
<BR>Thus, the PROSEVA trial essentially modifies the Berlin definition of ARDS, with the The Berlin Definition of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)
#Diagnosis #CriticalCare #ARDS #Acute #Respiratory #Distress #Syndrome #Berlin The rationale for aggressive treatment of generalized status epilepticus was described previously here.  In short, Broomedocs - Central Venous Catheter site selection<BR>
IJ vs Subclavian vs Supraclavicular vs Femoral by ease and