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Annular pancreas is a morphological anomaly which can cause duodenal obstruction. This condition is important to Floating Aorta Sign:  Displacement of the abdominal aorta away from the vertebral column. 
On lateral Accuracy of Computed Tomography Findings for the Diagnosis of Acute Diverticulitis
#Diagnosis #Radiology #CT #ComputedTomography #Diverticulitis #Findings Pemberton’s Sign in a Patient with a Goiter- Physical examination revealed an enlarged thyroid with no Echinococcal Cysts in the Liver- The physical examination revealed hepatomegaly with a palpable hepatic mass. Laboratory Lymphangioleiomyomatosis- Computed tomography of the chest, reconstructed in the coronal plane at the level of the Chronic Occlusion of the Superior Vena Cava- On physical examination, marked venous dilatation was apparent on Thumbprinting in Ischemic Colitis- Contrast-enhanced computed tomography of the abdomen, performed to evaluate the possibility of Small Bowel Obstruction Testing Accuracy
#Diagnosis #SBO #Testing #Accuracy #Sensitivity #Specificity #KUB #AbdominalXRay #CT #POCUS #LikelihoodRatio #Comparison Effective radiation dose in adults - Following are comparisons of effective radiation dose in adults with Figure 2. - Effective radiation doses associated with common cardiovascular imaging tests. The average effective radiation Medical Imaging - Radiation Dose
#PatientInfo #Radiology #Procedures #Imaging #Radiation #Doses #ChestXRay #CT #Nuclear #Stress #Comparison #Table The chart below (from the FDA) shows radiation exposure with a variety of procedures and how Splenosis Mimicking Cancer - radiograph of the chest showed nodularity along the left hemidiaphragm (Panel A, Calcific Pancreatitis Associated with Alcohol Use - A computed tomographic scan of the abdomen showed extensive Emphysematous Pyelonephritis - Abdominal radiography (Panel A) and computed tomography (Panel B) revealed gas collection in Reversible Acute Mesenteric Ischemia - A computed tomographic scan showed jejunal dilatation and thinning of the Falciform Ligament Sign - An abdominal radiograph that was obtained with the patient in a supine Computed tomography (CT) of the abdomen showed air in multiple small cysts within the wall of Neurogenic Megacolon in Spinal Cord Injury - Computed tomography of the abdomen revealed massive dilatation of Fournier’s Gangrene - Physical examination was notable for necrotic-appearing tissue in the scrotum and perineum, with Bronchoscopic Removal of an Obstructing Broncholith - Computed tomography of the chest showed an obstructing broncholith Emphysematous Prostatitis - Radiography of the kidney, ureter, and bladder showed an atypical focus of gas Regression of Clubbing after Treatment of Lung Cancer #Clinical #PhysicalExam #Radiology #Clubbing #Regression #LungCancer #CT #NEJM Large Hiatal Hernia - A chest radiograph showed a large air–liquid shadow in the inferior retrocardiac Gastrointestinal Complication of Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis - CTA was highly suggestive of bowel ischemia with wall Eggshell Calcifications of the Bladder - Computed tomography of the abdomen and pelvis without the administration Empyema Necessitatis - Physical examination revealed a tender, bulging anterior thoracic mass and a small ulcerative Epidural Intracranial Hemorrhage (ICH) #Clinical #EM #NSG #Radiology #CT #Epidural #IntracranialHemorrhage #ICH #ALiEM Tracheobronchomegaly - A preoperative chest radiograph was reassessed, and postoperative computed tomography confirmed tracheobronchomegaly (Panel A,