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Authors: Mark M. Ramzy, DO, EMT-P (@MarkRamzyDO, EM Resident Physician, Drexel University, Department of Emergency Medicine) Pericardial cyst
Pericardial cysts are connected to the pericardium and usually contain clear fluid.
The majority of pericardial The idiopathic interstitial pneumonias (IIPs) comprise a heterogenous group of disorders. 
They represent fundamental responses of On the left an immunocompromised patient with PCP.
The CT findings are diffuse ground-glass opacification.
The findings are The CT-images demonstrate the atelectasis of the left upper lobe (blue arrow).
There is a centrally located Notice the cavitation especially on the right.
In the left upper lobe there is probably some traction-bronchiectasis On the left another patient with ground glass pattern in a mosaic distribution.
Again the ground glass  #Clinical #Radiology #CTChest #RoundedAtelectasis #Rounded #Atelectasis #CometTail #Sign #RadiologyAssistant Lymphangitis carcinomatosis also produces a reticular pattern.
It is best appreciated on HRCT-images. #Clinical #Radiology #CTChest #Lymphangitic On the left a patient with DIP.
The HRCT shows diffuse areas of ground-glass density in the