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ARDS/VALI progression over the course of 1 week 
<BR> (a) Day 1 - No pathological findings. A 50 yo F with a history of poor dentition presents to the ED with fever X-ray limitations<BR>
It’s important to know the limitations of X-rays so we can correctly interpret them in Reading Chest X-Rays - Anatomy Labelled
Reading a chest x-ray (CXR) is an incredibly important aspect of PseudoARDS-Collapse pattern<BR>
PseudoARDS-collapse is respiratory failure which is largely due to atelectasis.  The most common form shortness of breath, facial swelling, superior vena. shortness of breath, facial swelling, superior vena<BR>

#Clinical #Radiology #CXR #Radiology #ChestXRay #CXR #Pneumothorax #Radiology #ChestXRay #CXR #Tension #Pneumothorax Westermark sign! (R pulmonary oligemia seen on CXR). Unicorns do exist! Seen in <2% of PE
<br>- There are about a dozen x-ray findings, but two of them are especially important: Loss of