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A 50 yo F with a history of poor dentition presents to the ED with fever X-ray limitations<BR>
It’s important to know the limitations of X-rays so we can correctly interpret them in Reading Chest X-Rays - Anatomy Labelled
Reading a chest x-ray (CXR) is an incredibly important aspect of PseudoARDS-Collapse pattern<BR>
PseudoARDS-collapse is respiratory failure which is largely due to atelectasis.  The most common form shortness of breath, facial swelling, superior vena. shortness of breath, facial swelling, superior vena<BR>

#Clinical #Radiology #CXR #Radiology #ChestXRay #CXR #Pneumothorax #Radiology #ChestXRay #CXR #Tension #Pneumothorax Westermark sign! (R pulmonary oligemia seen on CXR). Unicorns do exist! Seen in <2% of PE
<br>- There are about a dozen x-ray findings, but two of them are especially important: Loss of There are about a dozen x-ray findings, but two of them are especially important: Loss of Which Pacemaker/ICD is that Again<br>
Jacob S et al.  Cardiac Rhythm Device Identification Algorithm Using X-Rays: Pectus Excavatum: Congenital posterior displacement of lower aspect of sternum.
This gives the chest a somewhat "hollowed-out" Kyphosis: Anterior curvature of the spine, in this case caused by severe osteoporosis and resultant vertebral Increased Anterior Posterior Diameter: Barrel chested appearance resulting from air trapping
that sometimes occurs with advanced COPD. Checking Invasive Devices Using Chest X-Rays
#Diagnosis #Anatomy #Radiology #CriticalCare #Lines #Devices #Tubes #Placement #ChestXRays #CXR #Positioning Effective radiation dose in adults - Following are comparisons of effective radiation dose in adults with The chart below (from the FDA) shows radiation exposure with a variety of procedures and how A 37 yo male with no sig PMH presents with pleuritic chest pain for 3 days. Pericardial cyst
Pericardial cysts are connected to the pericardium and usually contain clear fluid.
The majority of pericardial On the left a patient with CHF. 
There is an increase in heart size compared to Aortocoronary Saphenous-Vein–Graft Aneurysms - Radiography of the chest revealed a mediastinal, hilar mass lesion on the Splenosis Mimicking Cancer - radiograph of the chest showed nodularity along the left hemidiaphragm (Panel A, This is not a pneumothorax but a skin fold.
The radiography was performed supine with a CR Hemorrhage

In this case there was a solitary nodule in the right upper lobe and a biopsy On the PET-CT there is both a tumor in the left lung, aswell as in the Right lower lobe atelectasis
Chest x-rays of a 70-year old male who fell from the stairs and The retracted visceral pleura is seen which indicates that there is a pneumothorax.
There is a horizontal Cardiac incisura
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On the right side of the chest the lung will lie against Notice that there are multiple densities in both lungs.
The larger ones are ill-defined and maybe there Batwing
A bilateral perihilar distribution of consolidation is also called a Batwing distribution.
The sparing of the periphery