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Lichen Planus- ...On examination, numerous purple papules were noted on the anterior surface of the forearms Tinea Capitis in a Newborn- A 3-week-old male newborn was brought to the pediatrician with three Disseminated Cutaneous Blastomycosis- A fungal culture of skin tissue was negative; however, a skin biopsy showed Syphilitic Ulcer

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#Clinical #Photo #Derm #SkinRash #Syphilis #Syphilitic #Ulcer Levamisole-Adulterated Cocaine
These rashes are typical for the leukocytoclastic vasculitis produced by levamisole exposure.
Levamisole is physically similar Table 2: Relative potency of topical corticosteroids*
TC are divided into four groups according to their potency Topical corticosteroid potency chart
#Pharm #Derm #Topical #Steroid #Corticosteroid #Chart #Potency Primary livedo reticularis of the abdomen - Figure 1: On hospital day 2, the patient developed Physical examination revealed extensive umbilicated papules (Panel A). A biopsy specimen obtained from a papule showed Madelung’s Disease - The patient was found to have Madelung’s disease, also known as benign symmetric