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<BR>Central Distribution, Febrile / Ill:
<BR> - 
Viral Exanthem 
<BR> - 
Lyme Disease (erythema migrans) 

<BR>Central Distribution, Algorithm for Diagnosis of the Petechial / Purpuric Rash
Febrile/Toxic, Palpable: 
<BR> - Meningococcaemia 
Disseminated Gonococcal Infection Algorithm for Diagnosis of the Vesiculobullous Rash
Febrile, Diffuse Distribution:
<BR> - Varicella,  
Gonococcal, Pseudomonas Toenail Infection
Green nails = infection with a bacteria called “Pseudomonas”. Not all bacterial infections are Acute Graft versus Host disease: vacuolar interface dermatitis w/ lymphoexocytosis, dyskeratotic keratinocytes, notable satellite cell necrosis. Trichofolliculoma - Dermatopathology
<BR>Mnemonic: Mama and her Babies. Multiple vellus hair follicles emanating from one large central Classic mucosal-dominant Pemphigus Vulgaris. Suprabasal acantholysis leaving behind a “row of tombstones” (i.e. the basal layer Pretty good example of Pemphigus Vulgaris. DIF shows intercellular IgG binding throughout entire epidermis. Note there’s Trichodysplasia spinulosa: follicles plugged w/ hyperkeratotic & parakeratotic debris, excessive inner root sheath differentiation towards keratinization. Dermatology Skin Lesion Atlas
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