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Pathophysiology of Subendocardial and transmural ischemia on ECG
#Pathophysiology #Subendocardial #Transmural #Ischemia #ECG #EKG #Cardiology
Left Ventricular Hypertrophy (LVH) Criteria
<BR>• Sokolow + Lyon 
<BR> - S V1 + R V5 or Bradycardias Comparison Table
<BR> - 1st DEGREE AV BLOCK Bazett Formula for Calculating QTc on EKG
#Diagnosis #Cardiology #MedStudent #ECG #EKG #Calculation #QTc #Bazett #Formula Progressive ECG changes with increasing 
<BR> (a) Normal 
<BR> (b) Tented T wave (arrow) 
<BR> Sgarbossa’s ECG criteria for detecting ischemia in the presence of left bundle branch block (LBBB)
The Sgarbossa ECG characteristics of early repolarization
<BR> - The ST segment elevations are concave and most pronounced in ST segment elevation in acute myocardial ischemia
ST segment elevations with straight (horizontal, upsloping or downsloping) or Brugada syndrome Types 1, 2 and 3
There are three types of ECG presentations, referred to as ECG characteristics in Brugada Syndrome
<BR> a. Broad P wave with some PQ prolongation
<BR> b. J point