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Pseudomonas Toenail Infection
Green nails = infection with a bacteria called “Pseudomonas”. Not all bacterial infections are SKIN FINDINGS OF ADVANCED NECROTIZING FASCIITIS
#Necrotizing #Fasciitis #Skin #Photo #Clinical #Leg Fibrous papule of the nose 
<BR> - Skin-colored to pink smooth papule 
<BR> - Usually 2-3 Blue nevus 
<BR> - Dark blue-gray macule or papule 
<BR> - Well-circumscribed 
<BR> - Melanin localized Dermatofibroma 
<BR> - Skin-colored to brown papule or nodule 
<BR> - Firm, indurated texture 
<BR> - Chondrodermatitis nodularis 
<BR> - Scaly papule on ear, usually helix 
<BR> - Painful, especially when sleeping Sebaceous hyperplasia 
<BR> - Yellow papule 
<BR> - Donut-shape 
<BR> - Central umbilication 
<BR> - Telangiectasia Seborrheic keratosis 
<BR> - Well-circumscribed, stuck-on appearance 
<BR> - Waxy texture 
<BR> - Verrucous surface 
<BR> Seborrheic keratoses vary widely in appearance - one of the most common benign skin lesions that Lichen planus 
A. Flat-topped, polygonal, sharply defined papules of violaceous color, grouped 
and confluent. Surface is