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Pericardial cyst
Pericardial cysts are connected to the pericardium and usually contain clear fluid.
The majority of pericardial The idiopathic interstitial pneumonias (IIPs) comprise a heterogenous group of disorders. 
They represent fundamental responses of On the left an immunocompromised patient with PCP.
The CT findings are diffuse ground-glass opacification.
The findings are The CT-images demonstrate the atelectasis of the left upper lobe (blue arrow).
There is a centrally located On the left a patient with CHF. 
There is an increase in heart size compared to Notice the cavitation especially on the right.
In the left upper lobe there is probably some traction-bronchiectasis Upper lung zone preference is seen in:
- Inhaled particles: pneumoconiosis (silica or coal)
- Smoking related diseases On the left another patient with ground glass pattern in a mosaic distribution.
Again the ground glass Cystic lung disease
Lung cysts are defined as radiolucent areas with a wall thickness of less than  #Clinical #Radiology #CTChest #RoundedAtelectasis #Rounded #Atelectasis #CometTail #Sign #RadiologyAssistant Lymphangitis carcinomatosis also produces a reticular pattern.
It is best appreciated on HRCT-images. #Clinical #Radiology #CTChest #Lymphangitic Central distribution is seen in sarcoidosis and cardiogenic pulmonary edema.
Peripheral distribution is mainly seen in cryptogenic This is not a pneumothorax but a skin fold.
The radiography was performed supine with a CR On the left a patient with DIP.
The HRCT shows diffuse areas of ground-glass density in the Alveolar proteinosis is a rare disease characterized by filling of the alveolar spaces with PAS positive Hemorrhage

In this case there was a solitary nodule in the right upper lobe and a biopsy On the PET-CT there is both a tumor in the left lung, aswell as in the Right lower lobe atelectasis
Chest x-rays of a 70-year old male who fell from the stairs and The retracted visceral pleura is seen which indicates that there is a pneumothorax.
There is a horizontal