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How to measure your blood pressure at home - Follow these steps for an accurate blood pressure reading


 • Avoid caffeine, cigarettes and other stimulants 30 minutes before vou measure your blood pressure.

 • Wait at least 30 minutes after a meal.

 • If you're on blood pressure measure your BP before you take your medication.

 • Empty your bladder beforehand. 

 • Find a quiet space where you can sit comfortably without distraction.


 • Put cuff on bare arm, above at mid-arm

 • Position arm so cuff is at heart level

 • Keep arm supported, palm up with muscles relaxed

 • Sit with legs uncrossed

 • Keep your back supported

 • Keep feet flat on the floor


 • Rest for five minutes while in position before starting.

 • Take two or three measurements, one minute apart.

 • Keep your relaxed and in position during measurements.

 • Sit quietly with no distractions during measurements—avoid conversations, TV, phones and other devices.

 • Record your measurements when finished.

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